2020 INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM OF THE YEAR | Bill McBirnie with Bernie Senensky | | The JUNO Awards

DOWNBEAT—”Opening for Eliane Elias, flutist Bill McBirnie proved a passionate and eloquent improviser with sure-footed support from pianist Bernie Senensky. Their set included…a show-stopping finale penned by Senensky…inspired by Hermeto Pascoal and Charlie Parker.” (Allen Morrison)

JAZZTIMES—”Best Opening Act [at the TD Jazz Festival]—Eliane Elias delivered a solid, opening-weekend show at the Old Mill Inn…But it was the dynamic opening duo of pianist and composer, Bernie Senensky, and flutist, Bill McBirnie, that…truly set the expansive dining room aflame…For the uninitiated, check out their 2005 pairing on Paco Paco.” (Christopher Loudon)

JAZZIZ—“There’s an effervescent, joyous quality to the dozen takes on Bill McBirnie’s Find Your Place (Extreme Flute)…Those new to McBirnie will be amazed at his inventiveness and the winning charm of this exceptional date…” (Mark Holston, JAZZIZ)

SIR JAMES GALWAY—”Dear Maestro McBirnie, …This just blew me away. Great, great playing…Innovative…I have never heard anyone play like this…Great technique and music making. The scales are so even it sounds like he wrote the Taffanel scale book…Bill, when you read this, I have to take my hat off to you. This is great playing by any standard.” (Galway Flute Chat, Message #507, Dec. 25, 2005)