2020 ALBUM ARTWORK OF THE YEAR | Sean Brown & Keavan Yazdani (Art Directors) | | The JUNO Awards

Keavan Yazdani (Born May 18 1993) and Sean Brown (Born February 25, 1986) are multidisciplinary creatives with a focus on photography, videography, and multi-dimensional design. They formed the Toronto visual group ‘theENDS’. Their collaborators include such artists as Daniel Caesar, Sean Leon, River Tiber, Charlotte Day Wilson, K.Roosevelt, Amnal Nuux, New West, etc.

In their more recent work, they have photographed and designed the album artwork for Daniel Caesar’s critically acclaimed CASE STUDY 01 and have collaborated on the album’s art direction, which included a full vinyl packaging and a special edition photobook. Keavan and Sean have also co-directed the video for Daniel’s ‘CYANIDE (REMIX)’, featuring Koffee.