2013 | Roots & Traditional Album of the Year: Solo | Rose Cousins | | The JUNO Awards

Rose Cousins finds insight in solitude and strength in numbers. Supported by a thriving Halifax music scene and welcomed by an equally vibrant Boston community, her new album We Have Made A Spark was made in the spirit of community and collaboration.
Rooted in authenticity and conviction of voice, from the opening track, “The Darkness,” to stark piano ballad, “Go First,” you feel as though Cousins sings for you, about your life. It is that sincerity that leads some to comparisons to our most beloved songwriters, and yet, her passionate delivery is distinctly, Rose. From writing songs from a tiny cabin without electricity on a New Hampshire island, to the stage of one of her many international tour stops, her lone voice reaches out to listeners, all of us surrounded by our own forms of darkness, and charges us to have the courage to forge ahead.